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The client was unhappy in the position and job, and wanted to make a change, but didn’t want to jump at the first thing that came along. In the past, she had switched jobs only to inevitably end up in a situation where she wasn’t completely fulfilled. She was strongest when her creative side and intuition were put to use, but often found herself taking a safer, more conservative approach.



  • We conducted energy leadership assessment; that created an awareness for this client about certain behavioral tendencies that arose from time to time. 

  • We explored her values and the importance of decisions being aligned with them. This led to breaking down the key components and characteristics she was looking for in a job. 


  • She approached reviewing opportunities with a different awareness and fresh criteria – based on her values, and what would make her happiest

  • She accepted a position with a company with a culture that excites her and gives her a chance to grow.

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