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Team & Leadership Development

Team and Leadership Development Coaching to Improve Performance and Achieve Higher Growth.

Get a clear path toward leadership and team success.

Better Self-Awareness • Higher Growth Potential • Greater Outcomes

We coach leaders to be more authentic, find their leadership voice, and support teams to increase trust and collective problem-solving.


Start your transformative journey with our team and leadership development programs.

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Leadership Coaching

Our coaching approach helps leaders to acquire an authentic leadership voice. Business acumen, emotional intelligence, communication, trust, and the ability to influence help you build skills and competencies to become the best version of yourself.

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High-Performing Team Coaching

Optimize your team dynamics to achieve better results. With our supportive coaching framework, we help teams achieve consistent higher-performance levels. Looking into the human capital and team dynamics, we focus on practical methods to remove roadblocks and develop the skills and competencies to help shift paradigms.

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Talent Assessment

We help organizations assess fit and match the talent that reflects open roles that will maximize successful outcomes. Using proprietary methodology and tools, we use data to understand an individual’s fit for a specific role, identify future leaders, enable talent mobility, and highlight top candidates for each position. 

Client Testimonial

"Steve Decker’s patience, curiosity, and active listening style are traits one might expect from a

career/leadership coach relationship. Though it’s his ability to be present, which is most remarkable. He never ceases to “meet me where I am” regardless of how polished or messy. Never just reflecting back my words, but linking concepts across tangents of thought. What a pleasant surprise to feel so heard and understood! Even more surprising have been deeper insights gained from our discussions. He has proven adept at shining light to help me uncover self-limiting behaviors and blocks obstructing the path forward. It’s a gift to be so down-to-earth yet able to understand how complex and intricate the factors in our lives weigh on our choices. I know my career trajectory is altered up as a result of working with Steve."


– Medicare Compliance Specialist

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Team and Leadership Development for All

We coach essential team & leadership development skills to support people to grow in their roles, teams, and organizations with insights and practical, actionable ideas. We focus on collaborative and inclusive coaching for team and leadership development based on real-world professional experience enhanced with proprietary methodologies, techniques, and tools.

Leveraging over 25 years of practical leadership experience, we help transform people and workplaces with regular spot coaching sessions and workshops. Our sessions are thought-provoking and designed to facilitate an open dialogue to tackle the issues impacting your performance.

Leadership Development Sessions

We propose spot coaching sessions of 60 minutes, where the coach and coachee address specific challenges. We recognize that every client is unique. Therefore, the client’s individual needs drive the agenda for each session. The format of each session focuses on problem-solving and establishing an action plan to leverage conversation outcomes. Our leadership development coaching caters to emerging or senior leaders eager to find their leadership voice and build communication and leadership skills.

Team Development Sessions & Workshops

We propose coaching workshops to support team growth and development with follow-up one-on-one coaching sessions. We work collaboratively with you and your team to understand your needs and goals. Using proprietary tools, we optimize your team dynamics to achieve consistent higher-performance levels. Looking into the human capital and team dynamics, we focus on practical methods to remove roadblocks and develop the skills and competencies to create positive outcomes. We practice skills essential to collaboration, problem-solving, giving and receiving feedback, and conflict resolution.

Talent Assessment

We help you identify and assess high-potential talents to make sure they are ideally suited for a role. We use proprietary tools to evaluate and narrow the list of candidates to help your teams place the best talent. Hence, we help find people who will excel in their jobs, become influential leaders able to make sound judgments. We advise organizations, support their HR process, eliminate bias during the hiring process, and reduce hiring time.

Team & Leadership Development Assessments

Improving the Performance of Leaders and Teams is a Science

We believe in the power of data and insights as the basis of any transformative journey.


Therefore, we use assessments to grasp the person’s depth from different angles to identify strengths, values, motivations, challenges, and roadblocks.

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Maximize Your Value to Achieve Sustainable Growth

Based on our analysis and conversations, we establish a clear, actionable path towards success.


Our approach was designed and engineered to keep leaders’ and teams’ professional growth in mind. Hence, we help maximize strengths, minimize roadblocks, and eliminate bias with authentic, real-world data points, experiences, and game-plans.

Team and Leadership Development Coaching Success Stories

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A client takes on a new promotion, in a completely new role. He had some early concerns
about the transition and was uncomfortable early on

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Client is an seasoned senior leader at a major company; with unquestioned expertise in her field

While her execution was strong, other leaders within the company failed to fully embrace or understand her strategic direction

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Client was unhappy in the position and job, and wanted to make a change, but didn’t want to jump at the first thing that came along. In the past she had switched jobs only to inevitably end up in a situation where she wasn’t completely fulfilled. She was strongest when her creative side and intuition were put to use, but often found herself taking a safer, more conservative approach.

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