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Coaching for Leaders & Teams

Our Coaching Improves Work Cultures to Drive Meaningful Personal, Professional, and Organizational Outcomes.

Collaborative • Authentic • Actionable

We Help People Unleash Their True Potential and Move the Needle in Life and Business.

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching approach helps leaders to acquire an authentic leadership voice. Business acumen, emotional intelligence, communication, trust, and the ability to influence, help you build skills and competencies to become the best version of yourself.

High-Performing Team Coaching

Optimize your team dynamics to achieve better results. With our supportive coaching framework, we help teams achieve consistent higher-performance levels. Looking into the human capital and team dynamics, we focus on practical methods to remove roadblocks and develop the skills and competencies to help shift paradigms.


Talent Assessment

We help organizations assess fit and match the talent that reflects open roles that will maximize successful outcomes. Using proprietary methodology and tools, we use data to understand an individual’s fit for a specific role, identify future leaders, enable talent mobility, and highlight top candidates for each position.


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Client Testimonial

“Steve is the ideal mentor and coach all in one. He leverages structured training and toolkits to ensure that he is supporting me to get to where I need to be just as a coach would, and at the same time, he develops trust and respect-based relationship that resembles that of a mentor.”

Staff Vice President, Digital Experience Design


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Discover Our Coaching Outcomes

We help individuals and teams who feel stuck and look to get insights, practical and actionable ideas to shift their thinking paradigm.

  • Find an Authentic Leadership Voice - Communicate effectively, influence people without forceful authority, enhance trust, manage to align people, and lead with purpose and authenticity.

  • Unleash New Levels of Performance - Challenge your limiting beliefs, leverage relationships, develop a creative mindset that will set you for success.

  • Master the Art of Team Collaboration - Drive alignment, remove the bottlenecks and roadblocks, build commitment and engagement, establish collective problem-solving, aligned execution, understand the human capital and group dynamics to establish a culture of collaboration between people.

Why Choose Our Coaching Approach

We focus on collaborative and inclusive coaching for leadership and team development based on real-world professional experience enhanced with proprietary methodologies and techniques.

As you engage in a transformative journey, we propose an authentic and actionable approach to overcome the challenges with your unique strengths while effectively addressing what’s getting in the way of successful leadership and teamwork. Our sessions are thought-provoking and designed to facilitate an open dialogue to tackle the issues impacting your performance.

Leveraging over 25 years of practical leadership experience, we transform people and workplaces. We know that some teams can be as high-performing as the individuals who lead them.

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Create a Culture of Development

We support leaders and teams to achieve more satisfaction and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

As we are all unique, we encompass different realities that can co-exist in a dynamic team system and organization. To alleviate the organizational or structural issues that people can meet in their careers, we help them realize and understand their personal success formula to address challenges and help them move past problems that interfere with their success.

Ultimately, we help people enjoy their role, work, and life, be more effective, make better decisions through honest, authentic, and action-driven feedback. 

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A client takes on a new promotion, in a completely new role. He had some early concerns
about the transition and was uncomfortable early on

coaching 12.jpg


Client is an seasoned senior leader at a major company; with unquestioned expertise in her field

While her execution was strong, other leaders within the company failed to fully embrace or understand her strategic direction

coaching 11.jpg


Client was unhappy in the position and job, and wanted to make a change, but didn’t want to jump at the first thing that came along. In the past she had switched jobs only to inevitably end up in a situation where she wasn’t completely fulfilled. She was strongest when her creative side and intuition were put to use, but often found herself taking a safer, more conservative approach.

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